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    Beautiful and practical wall cladding in the Hunter Valley

    If you’ve considered metal wall or ceiling cladding for your homes and commercial premises in the Hunter Valley, there has never been a better time to contact Lorn Roofing.

    We offer you striking and durable metal wall and ceiling cladding in a range of Colorbond colours in and around the Hunter Valley and Port Stephens.

    Call us today on 02 4934 2122  for a free quote on our striking wall and ceiling cladding!


    Metal wall cladding is a good-looking choice for your exterior walls. Helping to reduce your energy bills, cladding can also help to regulate the temperature of your property. Lorn Roofing offers you cost-efficient and durable cladding solutions, suitable for practically any size and shape building in the Hunter Valley.

    When it comes to installation, there are fewer panels to fit, so your metal cladding projects can be completed quickly. The panels are easy to apply to your building which, in turn, will save you money on installation costs and will look great for many years to come. Call our metal cladding experts today for further advice on our cost-effective cladding solutions.


    Add another dimension to your home with our impressive ceiling solutions. Lorn Roofing have a wide variety of Colorbond soffits and ceiling finishes available in 22 standard colours that are modern, stylish, strong and lightweight.

    Whether you want to match your roof and walls or prefer a contrasting colour, the choice is yours. Not only is our ceiling cladding stunning and practical, it can also help to reduce the heat leaving and entering your home. We are proud to provide you with cost-effective solutions in the Hunter Valley that keep your energy bills down.



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